Homestead Produce

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Our goal is to organically grow delicious garden produce that will arrive fresh on your table straight from our fields. An occasional splash of a bouquet to grace your table would add the finishing touch.

What we grow:

A variety of vegetables are grown in the fields, including broccoli and kohlrabies, carrots, cabbages and more. At the height of growing season, the old tin sided shop is bulging with fresh produce for sale as well as artsy bouquets of summer flowers, honey made by local bees, dairy from local cows and grass fed meat raised locally

Where to buy:

The farm stand is open Monday - Friday 8am – 6pm

511291 Hwy 95, Bonners Ferry, ID 83805


Jordan & Kayla Jordan

511291 Hwy 95, Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

(208) 946-1910

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