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Enjoy chicken eggs with a deep, rich flavor from our happy and loved hens. The flock free ranges from dawn to dusk on a 3 acre organically grown orchard. Shout out to our roosters that keep the Flockers safe!

With an interest in conservation, we started our chicken journey in 2016 with the Black Langshan Chicken because it is on The Livestock Conservancy watch list.

We do not add artificial light in the winter months to force egg laying, we believe our hens deserve a break as nature intended. Black Langshans are a broody bunch and so we always have spring chickens. Spring chickens will lay eggs their first winter and so during this time we are blessed with some smaller pullet eggs.

What we raise:

All of our Chicken eggs are ungraded, unwashed and probably fertilized.

Expect your eggs to last months in the refrigerator (because they are unwashed),

Our flock is fed only Woods NON-GMO grain feed, organic produce, organic sprouted wheat grass, barely and oats and free range on our 3 acre organically grown orchard/developing permaculture food forest in Bonners Ferry, ID.

Where to buy:

The self serve, honor system Egg stand is open 24/7

Call or text to place bulk orders

21 Red Cloud Road, Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

Located in Paradise Valley, 1.7 miles east of the

Little White Church at the corner of Kootenai Trail Road

And Red Cloud Road


Janna Stanford

21 Red Cloud Road, Bonners Ferry, ID 83805


Phone/text: 714-767-7658

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